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FIRE THIEVES written by Sr. Captain, Michael Brigati, paramedic and Rescue Diver for Chesterfield County Va. Fire& EMS Department successfully had published, his latest thriller, FIRE THIEVES.

Read and supported by NYFD Firefighter-author, Dennis Smith, creator of Firehouse Magazine and author of Report from Engine 82, it is Dennis’ enthusiastic endorsement which graces the cover of FIRE THIEVES.

Dedicated to the memory of his son who died in a vehicle accident before joining him in the Fire service. With a portion of every sale nationwide being pledged to this fine organization that supports the families whose sons and daughters are no longer with us, it is Michael’s way of giving back to all of us by honoring his son’s legacy.

Click the link to read the first 3 chapters of the book that has a Halligan's connection.