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Hello out there to all my fellow smokers and pit masters.

Posted by   Admin on    June 1, 2016

Summer is here and the time is now to get out there and get those grills and smokers cleaned up and ready for the summer season. So clean out those fire boxes, scrub down those racks and grates because it's smokin' time!!!

First up to start off our catering season I will be smoking a 100 pound whole hog on my custom built firetruck smoker. This awesome smoker is an open flow stick burner. I will be using Pecan wood for this one since I got a load of this wood from a good friend. Pecan is a great smoking wood due to its density and mild flavor. I usually have the pieces cut into smaller more manageable sizes, approximately 6 to 8 inched long and split into lengths 3 to 4 inches thick. This allows the wood to be easily arranged in the firebox for maximum air flow around the fuel. When using a stick burner (that means the only fuel used is wood), the wood fuel has to provide the needed BTU's (heat) and the coveted smoke (flavor) so air flow is more important to the combustion process. Too much air and the fire rages causing the temps to soar and be more difficult to maintain. To little air and fire slows down and the temp falls. Besides, you want the faint wispy bluish smoke from a well vented fire and not the puffy white billowing smoke as this can often times be a tad bitter tasting. Stay tuned for some pics and videos from the first whole hog smoking of the season. No matter how you do it folks just get out there and GET SMOKIN'!